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About the Bsharri Association

Bsharri is a large Maronite town in North Lebanon. Situated at the foot of the biblical Cedars of Lebanon, and traditionally known as the Guardian of the Cedars, it is located at an altitude of 1650 metres. Bsharri provided the first emigrant from the Middle East to Australia in 1854. Emigration from Bsharri to Australia began in earnest in the 1880s and continued up to the Second World War. In the aftermath of World War II, with the relaxation of the White Australia Policy, greater numbers arrived in Australia from Bsharri. By the 1960s, the growing Bsharri community in Sydney formed an informal organisation called the Becharrie Charitable Association.

This became formally recognised as a charitable organisation when it was registered with the Australian government in 1977.

The aims of the Association were to assist the poor in Bsharri the home town financially and to keep the community in Sydney united. In 1996, its name was changed to Becharrie Association of NSW and it became a not-for-profit organisation. In 2013, the name was changed again to Bsharri Association of NSW, the name under which it currently operates. The Bsharri Association of NSW is committed to uniting all people of Bsharri descent in NSW, Australia, in an interactive environment so that they become engaged with one another through social, educational, and cultural functions organised by the Association. This involves the organising of recreational, educational and cultural activities for the youth, for young families, and for senior citizens.