Welcome to the Bsharri Association of NSW

About the Bsharri Association

Bsharri is a large Maronite town in North Lebanon. Situated at the foot of the biblical Cedars of Lebanon, and traditionally known as the Guardian of the Cedars, it is located at an altitude of 1650 metres. Bsharri provided the first emigrant from the Middle East to Australia in 1854. Emigration from Bsharri to Australia began in earnest in the 1880s and continued up to the Second World War. Read More.

Bsharri Youth Association B.Y.C

The Bsharri Youth Club (BYC) was founded in the late 1970s by young men and women of the Bsharri community in Sydney. One of the aims of the BYC is to represent the general interest of its members and of the young people in the community. Read More.

Bsharri Centre

Located at 14 Coronation Parade, Enfield NSW 2136, the Bsharri Centre is the heart of the Bsharri Association and its members. Built from the efforts of the community past and present. The centre is the meeting ground for all occasions from paying our respects to celebrating new life.

Bsharri Calendar

For upcoming events, use the calender as a reminder of things to come. The association will update the calendar with annual dinners and social functions plus, will act as a reminder for all events such as memorial masses.

Bsharri History

Bsharri was the site of a Phoenician settlement in ancient times. Maronite Christians fleeing persecution sought refuge in its mountainous terrain in the 7th Century AD. The Kadisha Valley, below the town, became the spiritual center of the Maronite Church. The town was known as Buissera by the Crusades.

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